As a family, we cry often because we miss him.  We laugh and smile often because he was so funny and engaging.  He was not just the life of the party; he was the party.  We believe we will see him again because God is good, and our faith is strong.  We are grateful for how our worldwide fitness, veteran, and law enforcement communities grieve with us and encourage us with kindness.  A group of local men come to our home 5 days a week at 6 AM to work out with me in Curtis’ now famous basement gym where we pursue fitness to honor his passion for being Fit to Serve.

Curtis inspired people because he loved people. We hear stories weekly of how he inspired someone to better him or herself.  These stories are sent to us from all over the world from people we have never met.  Every story has a common thread, “Curtis went out of his way to speak to me, to be nice to me, to encourage me.” His love for life was so strong that it motivated people to change.  He used to say often, “We are all full of untapped potential.”

Last week, a Police Dispatcher from another city visited me.  She had never met Curtis personally but attended his memorial service. She told me how learning about Curtis’ life and death changed her life.  She was stressed and overwhelmed with her difficult circumstances.  She was ready to give in and give up.  Learning about Curtis’ passion for life motivated her to make changes and to start living courageously.  We cried, we embraced, we prayed, and we celebrated Curtis.

Family and friends have been working since his death to create Police Fitness, a non-profit to promote Curtis’ vision that every law enforcement officer should be Fit to Serve.  Police Fitness brings together law enforcement agencies and health care providers to create a comprehensive plan to increase the level of fitness within each agency.

We have started fulfilling the Police Fitness mission in Curtis’ home state of Virginia, but last week we received a call from a police chief in Kentucky.  He wants us to help his agency create a culture of fitness – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  We can’t even imagine how many lives will continue to be touched as a result of Curtis’ presence among us for 32 years.  We treasure our memories, and we will never stop sharing his passion for life.  Live Inspired!